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  • As part of our evolutionary progression, we are realigning and optimizing our operations to deliver world class performance.

Mission Statement provide basic and quality services which every citizen is entitled to, in a quality, fair, honest, effective and transparent manner.

Vision Statement become a comprehensive, all-inclusive foolproof and state-of-the-art computerized geospatial data infrastructure for the federal capital territory Abuja,Nigeria.

About AGIS Agency

The bold decision taken by Government of the Federation in the year 2003 to embark on complete computerization of the cadastral and land registry of the FCT led to the establishment of an agency – known as Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS).Within three years of its establishment the project was able to revolutionize the entire operations of the Land Administration and other land related departments of the FCT. Decision concerning land can now be taken from an informed position with a reliable and up to date data. AGIS has become a symbol of transparency and good governance within not only the Federal Capital Territory alone but within the entire Federation of Nigeria....more


Abuja the new capital of Nigeria came into existence by virtue of the Federal Capital Territory Act, of 1976. The Territory covers a total land area of approximately 8,000 square kilometers, while the City proper is to cover a total land area of 250 square kilometers. A Master Plan for the City and the Territory was designed by the International Planning Associates, (IPA) and accepted/approved by Government in 1979..... more

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